Friday, June 6, 2008

Rezko Watch: Chicago's John Kass has it right, Obama's a loser

Rezko Watch: Chicago's John Kass has it right, Obama's a loser

Obama is questionable to say the least, no I'm trying to be polite he simply is not honest and should not become our President.

I could not vote for him under any circumstances ever. Hillary being Vice president would not be a reason enough to vote for him.

Monday, February 4, 2008

President Clinton February 4, 2008

Today was a most special day, I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting President Clinton, at Santa Ana Community College.

I had the opportunity to thank President Clinton for being my President. That wonderful Man took my hand and told me it was an honor.

The last seven years under President Bush, have been very, very, difficult for our Country. How I wish President Clinton were our President today. Included is the video I took of President Clinton today. I hope it brings back happier memories of days gone by. You all might want to consider voting for Senator Hillary Clinton. I really don't believe in giving opinions but unfortunately it appears others do not follow suit.

Parts I and II

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton at a Campaign Rally in Los Angeles on February 2, 2008


Saturday I went to see Hillary Clinton at her campaign rally February 2, 2008. I have to say the woman speaks with conviction, and a plan for when she becomes President.

In the beginning of the primary season last year, I didn't want her to be our President. I had heard all the negative spin that the Republicans had spat out with their usual venom on her. But, I listen to her after her win in New Hampshire and new this was the person to be our next President.

Barack Obama, does not have a clear plan, and I have listened to him for over a year, listened patiently for him to tell me something other then the words hope, and change. I hope he changes.

Here are video parts 2 and part 3 that I took of Hillary at the campaign rally here in LA:

Parts II and III of the rally:

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Len, what Bush and Cheney have done to Iraq and her people is a tragedy and should have never happened. The killing of hundreds of thousands people will go down in our country’s history as one of our darkest of times. There are moments I wonder if our country can survive all that has happened, and remain united as one country.

Our country is divided, there’s the west coast, east coast and somewhere there is that middle of the country all with uniquely different political views. I’m from the West Coast , I fit the mold liberal to my soul but when I visit the South to my amazement I find Bush bumper stickers on the majority of their cars. I’m told he’s immensely popular there, today, after all he has done in Iraq, can you imagine. We are definitely a country divided, when your able to listen to these Republican debates on family values and love of God. All these Guys still believe in pre-emptive strike on another country. This after Iraq, will our country ever learn?

You are right, and where was our media during all this? They sold out to the highest bidders of course, Corporations, Bush and Cheney, and lets not forget the facist Republican regime. They were mercilessly destroying our Constitution with rights that had been given to us for 1200 years, rigged elections, wiretapping of our fellow citizens, the list goes on and on. But the most tragic of all, those innocent people who lost their lives in this Iraq War.

Bush and Cheney will be impeached, whether in office or out of office, one day in the not to distant future they will be held responsible for this War.